Sunday, August 6, 2006

Reports say abuse by women up

I don't care what the reports say--the reports are not taken in context--

Verbal and emotional abuse are relatively the same--but the physical can't be the same because a women simply cannot hurt a man like a man can a woman. read about it:

Reports say abuse by women up: "Most intimate partner violence assaults on men by women are relatively minor, according to the CDC. The assaults are mostly pushing, grabbing, shoving, slapping and hitting.

'We certainly can't condone slapping or hitting,' said Kate McCord, public awareness coordinator for the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance.

'But there's a wide continuum of violence and women, by far, bear the brunt of more brutal and long-lasting domestic violence,' she said.

Studies that show women physically abuse their intimate partners at the same rate as men often are criticized because they don't put the violence in context, according to the CDC.

'Physical violence by women results in less permanent markings,' said Juanita Graham, counseling services manager for the Avalon Outreach Office in Williamsburg. The office is part of the Avalon Center for Women and Children, which offers services for victims of family violence in Williamsburg, James City County and York County.

'It's a slap here or a slap there and a lot of threatening gestures,' Graham said. 'It's not quite fist-to-face kind of stuff.'"

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  1. Abuse by women MAY be up - but it still PALES in comparison to abuse by men against women. Did they even take the non-physical into account? or that non-physical usually precedes physical abuse? Gotta love people who spin data.... NOT


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