Thursday, August 17, 2006

Dying for a divorce

the neighbors kept her secret and she ended up dead--why do we feel we have to protect the assholes who treat us so badly????

Why are we so afraid to say, "You can not treat any owman this way and if you do i will report you to the authorities--police, social welfare, the minister or rabbi!"

Read about this woman who did not et our support.

M. had initially requested a divorce six years ago. She had had enough of the violence and the humiliation, but her husband refused to provide a get (religious divorce papers). During six years of proceedings at the rabbinical court, the judges declined to force the recalcitrant husband to divorce his suffering wife.

Meanwhile, M.’s husband continued to physically and verbally abuse her. Although the neighbors were aware of what went on in the couple’s home, no one dared to interfere. In the haredi neighborhood where the couple lived with their four children, the unspoken rules were sacred: Don’t involve the police, and don’t air your dirty laundry in public.

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