Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Shock At Shop Abuse (from This Is Lancashire)

We don't want our partners abusing us verbally or emotionally and yet have any us taken out a bad day on a shopkeeper? When we demand to be respected and treated well, we must also give that same respect to others. In England, they are doing something about it.

Mps Shock At Shop Abuse (from This Is Lancashire): "MP’s shock at shop abuse
By Citizen reporter

Chorley MP Lindsay Hoyle is supporting shopworkers who have formed Usdaw United Against Abuse (UUAA) after a survey found 95 per cent of retail staff have been verbally abused by customers.

UUAA teams will hand out red cards across the UK, reminding shoppers that verbal abuse is a form of intimidation.

Mr Hoyle said: 'I'm shocked that one million shopworkers are verbally abused every day.'"

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