Monday, July 24, 2006

Emotional Abuse and Your Faith

Finally! Maybe pastors can get some real training to help famlies like they are suposed instead of giving us the "obedience" carp we have heard fo so long.

Emotional Abuse and Your Faith: "Recently I read about Nancy Nason-Clark was awarded $440,000 by Lilly Endowment Inc. (I was like WOW!) to develop a web-based model for training pastors to respond to domestic abuse. They can use this model in the privacy of their own home, or their church office. It gives guidelines, resources, etc for the church to follow in times of crisis when this happens within the church. The web-based training will have interactive capacities for questions and answers, offer video clips relevant to the content, and include special monthly features, such as guests-online, panel discussions between experts and ‘ask an expert’ section. To me that was VERY exciting! They have a pretty good response also, so maybe now pastors along with lay people can now make better educated responses to those families in trouble! "


  1. Yes. The pastors who tell the wives to submit and send them back to their abusers, or the husbands to forgive the philandering wives - sorry - its for the birds. Good post, as always!


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