Saturday, April 9, 2005

Did you know that you are prey?

The call us "victims"! They are looking for "targets!" Did you know that you are considered prey? Know the abuser's methods, know their sickness, know their need to find and control you! Only with this knowledge will you be able to keep your boundaries and keep them away. Stop the abuse before it starts, know who has targeted you and how they do it! Here is a quote from Greens new book.
Everything depends on the target of your seduction. Study your prey thoroughly, and choose only those who will prove susceptible to your charms. The right victims are those for whom you can fill a void, who see in you something exotic. They are often isolated or at least somewhat unhappy (perhaps because of recent adverse circumstances), or can easily be made so-for the completely contented person is almost impossible to seduce.

This site also tells how to use your spiritual values against you!!!! Besides many other degrading and demoralizing strategies, this evil man advises others to use spiritual lures on you:
Play up your divine qualities; affect an air of discontent with worldly things; speak of the stars, destiny, the hidden threads that unite you and the object of the seduction. Lost in a spiritual mist, the target will feel light and uninhibited. Deepen the effect of your seduction by making its sexual culmination seem like the spiritual union of two souls.
Go visit his site and find out why and how you are prey at seducers world!


  1. Yes. I know because this was used on me. Effectively.

  2. I skimmed over the "how to seduce" site. It doesn't surprise me that it's out there. The writer HAS TO be a narcissist or the like. My first impressions--his tips would work on a certain group of people and he defines those "prey" well. I had an encounter with a narcissist (or that's how I define it' he's not officially diagnosed) in the past year and some tips to keep in mind for possible prey include:
    --When someone makes grandiose claims of being the best lover, best driver, best at whatever, see the red flag go up, envision it over their head. Braggarts are not seductive to people who want healthy relationships.
    --When someone appears to have multiple lovers and potential lovers and surrounds themselves with those people, the someone is insecure. Do not view him/her as more interesting b/c others are interested. Realize you will only be one of the many and you aren't special--no matter what he/she says. If you were special, he wouldn't surround himself with these people and invite you over and wouldn't talk about them with you---these people wouldn't EXIST.

  3. In the year since my site has been up I have talked to about 100 women, some from all over the world (most US & Canada) of varying degrees of intelligence and many from good, non-abusive homes or backgrounds and they all say the same thing. Greene's methodology works!

    WHY? Its NeuroLinguisticProgramming (NLP). The same kind of mild mind-control used by advertisers every time we click on the tv. We are spoon fed this stuff daily so its easy to swallow when it happens in our personal lives.

  4. Sounds like the techniques that sociopaths learn to use to take advantage of others.

  5. Dr. Marshall - EXACTLY!!! Robert Hare's work explains a great deal of it. Odd thing is? This is also the SAME TECHNIQUES taught at sales & advertising seminars!! and similar to the Tony Robbins techniques!! (btw a personal poll showed a great number of these guys to be sales people - i.e. Scott Peterson) So once again, taking advantage of others is positioned as not only normal but a DESIRABLE attribute to have. Makes me loathe to leave the house ;)

  6. The thing that gets me is that if a guy can seduce and manipulate many women, he is considered a stud of sorts. Like you say, desierable. When a woman does it, she is called a temptress, homewrecker, vixen, --sort of an evil doer. Like Lillith was cast out of garden because she wouldn't go along with the plan of being subserviant (does that mean abused?) and Eve stayed, then was blamed for everything! Is there a pattern here? I can see that much of what we are conditioned to do--let the guy rule, kow tow to his desires and ruling of roost, is cultural. He bleives it is his right and we are taught to respect that. Respecting ourselves is not much focused on. This is why it is so important to focus on US--not them abusing us, but us repsecting and standing up against mistreatment.

  7. >Is there a pattern here?<

    Yup. As a Jew I swim upstream with the misogyny of many religious idealogies every day. Its amusing how "scary" we women are... and then they tell us we ASKED for it.

    If someone calls me a bitch these days I say thank you. Bitch = Babe In Total Control of Herself


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