Thursday, January 20, 2005

Community Service for Abusers?

I found this old post from Lisa Cunningham regarding domestic abuse and love the idea of having the perpetrator paying for his behavior through community service. I don't think it will change them, but at least they are having to be repsonsible for their behavior.

She wrote: "Perhaps it would be better to consider community service orders, a fine on the offenders time, rather than monetary fines for cases of Domestic Abuse, especially those where the victim and offender have become, or are likely to become, reconciled with one another. This would ensure that only the offender pays for his or her crime, and not the victim and any dependants of the victim or offender. These simple measures might help to reduce the level of re-offending seen in Domestic Abuse cases and thus reduce the burden which these cases place on the judiciary system."

Thanks Lisa!

Better yet, why don't we stop abuse before it begins? Here clip from Coaching Boys into Men

"The boys in your life need your time and energy. Your son, grandson, nephew, younger brother. The boys you teach, coach and mentor. All need you to help them grow into healthy young men.

Here is a clip of a commerical you can listen to or link to your web. View the TV Spot by clicking here.

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  1. Service should be in a hospital or jail where they can see the results of abuse. Fines don't give them anything to think about.


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