Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Bob Bowman Abuse Blog Leads to Discovery of Miracle Principle

I am beginning my first blog on December 13, 2004, for a story that began in the fall of 1996. (I know it's January but it took me this long to figure out how to post!) Fall of '96 is when I met my hero, Bob Bowman. He was the light of my life, which quickly burnt out during the honeymoon. Almost overnight, I became the target of his immense hostility (from where and why was never made clear) and I spent our brief marriage trying to bring back the hero who had courted me. The bast**d who married me was mean as the dickens--but the guy who courted me--I would give anything to spend the rest of my life with.

Comets are Comments from God

The Geminids streaked through the heavens on Dec 13 while I soaked deliciously in Mom's hot tub on the high desert, counting the flying embers as my eye caught the glowing trails. I like to think of comets as comments from my Higher Power. You know, you have a thought, a comet streaks through the heavens, God seems to be conferring with you.

I decided to count to 5 and call it a night. They were so pretty, I upped it to 10. Number 10 was so flashy and long-tailed that I decided to stay for 15. But 16 was a power ball that convinced me to stay for 25. Then comet number 22 burst through the darkness and took my breath away. It was a flaming green and yellow undulating dragon's eye, the likes of which I have never seen before. Christ, what if I had left at 5? Or 10? Or 15? I would have missed Divine Comment number 22, wouldn't I? I sat in the tub until my toes resembled bleached prunes, but no more 22s or even 16s appeared that night.

Being committed to an Abuser is like hoping for Comet 22

Every once in a while Bob would do something so magnanimous, that I could not drag myself away from the 'marriage dream.' All his hostility and down-right ugliness paled in the light of his Comet 22 behavior. It was rare for him to be really nice, nurturing, or attentive but when he did, it hooked me. Like hoping to see Comet 22, I always hoped for my hero to return to the marriage.

Yes, I'm writing a book. Began a self-help web site for abused ladies. Visit the website--join me on a journey of change and choice--let me introduce you to the secret I discovered about domestic abuse. It's called The Miracle Principle and once you understand this principle, a miracle will occur in your life and you will never have to be abused again.


  1. Don't feel bad about what happened with your relationship with Bob Bowman. You learned so many things about yourself through it and that's a gift right there.

    As for Bob being able to live up to the 22 comet, he does have the potential. That's what attracted you to him in the first place, that potential.

    It's not your responsibility that he couldn't live up to what God gave him to work with. Some day he's going to know and understand what gifts you gave to him, from your heart.

    In the mean time you've started something that will help perhaps millions of people step out of the abuse cycle in favor of something much healthier.

    One day, when you're ready, a new healthy relationship will come your way and you'll feel like you've come home. That's
    how healthy relationships feel. Like you've come home.

  2. Thank you Leah! I am in a new world--new beginning. I rather like the Comet 22 analogy. His wonderful self was so seductive. It tapped into my dream of a soul-mate. Sigh.

    Sometimes I miss him and then I think, how often did you see comet 22 behavior? So rarely that I it isn't worth sitting in a hot tub til it grows cold. Thanks for you support.

  3. Thanks for your comment... I dont regularly update that particular blog. check out these ones though.

    Its like 330 am here and i am going to hit the hay... I look forward to reading your blogs though i must be very honest with you and say that the picture you have is a bit provocative for guys. I attend 12 step groups that help me with that specific problem, so the pic was kind of a shock for me... Hit me up if you ever change it so i can get to reading your material without being tempted to browse other sites... Oh and I wont feel bad if you delete this comment... I tried emailing but it wasnt delivering.

  4. Aaron, I am going to read your blogs, this morning. I don't know if I should be flattered or upset. I'm 56! I snapped the picture in my house about a month and thought it was flattering. Maybe it is too flattering. I'm going to take a poll and see if I need to rethink the pic. Thanks for telling me--maybe it's not a good idea but I don't really know.

  5. Bob is a fool, naked or clothed. I don't like thinking of Bob when I see shooting stars tho.


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