Tuesday, September 12, 2017

8 Keys to Handling Adult Bullies | Psychology Today

If your partner bullies you, here are some points to keep in mind--they work hand in hand with th Respect Me Rules.

8 Keys to Handling Adult Bullies | Psychology Today: "“Bullies win when you’re upset.” — NCAB A common characteristic of bullies is that they project their aggression to push your buttons and keep you off balance. By doing so, they create an advantage from which they can exploit your weaknesses. If you are required to deal with an adult bully, one of the most important rules of thumb is to keep your cool"

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  1. I've known a lot of adult bullies. They are at work, at home--in the community clerk's office. if I learn to not take it, then they can't bully me--. I know it's a victim's mentality, but I'm not very strong. So I take it and hate it and hate them--but mostly myself.


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