Thursday, October 22, 2015

Verbal Abuse and Relationships--they can't stand to see you happy

Another interesting take on verbal abuse--TASNIM FAKIH, guest columnest, tells us that abusers can't stand to see others happy or succeeding. Maybe--I hadn't thought about that aspect much as I always look at the controlling factor. But maybe  they can't stand to see you happy. Her reason go into the peron's back ground and well, I hate the excuses "I was raised worng that's why I make bad chocies," kind of thing. But that is the prevailing opinion with the "experts" so who am I to argue? In all seriousness, this point of view is worth considering except one: she asks the target to leave the abusive reatlationship. With physical abuse, YES--you must. But with verbal abuse, it doesn't work that well.

Why? Becasue if you don't learn about your part in the abuse, you are doomed to get into another abusive relationship. Honest. Once you learn about the Miracle principle thorugh the book, Respect Me Rules

you can extract yourself emotionally and demand the respect you deserve. However--we need to consider all views. Read the article below.

The Michigan Journal | Verbal Abuse and Relationships: "Verbal abusers hate seeing others happy, especially their significant other. It kills them inside to see them succeeding, or doing anything that makes them happy. They may crush their hopes and dreams by repeating negative things to have their victim questioning every single thing they are doing. They want to make sure that they feel above and better than their victim and create all kinds of different obstacles to keep them from becoming better. When asked why they say and do what they do, the answer may be because they care and want the best for them."

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