Saturday, October 17, 2015

Congradulations-2 more Verbal Abuse Defense Certificates given

We had a couple more graduates this week on the tutorial. Both of the people who participated had thoughtful answers. I want to share a couple with with you.

First from Shelly K. who  shared a definition of the Miracle Principle:
The miracle principle is simple. It basically means that as a victim or target, you need to have enough respect for yourself to not allow the abuse.
The miracle principle sound simple but peole often let it slip though their mind--but basically it takes two to dance and one stops dancing, the dance ends.

Then we had a graduate who was not taking the tutorisl becasue of her partner, but her parents. Maja M. read the story about Kathy and told us why she thought Kathy let the realtionship go so far that it ended in death.
I think she cared about him and was invested in the relationship. She wanted to see the best in him and brushed off his abusive behavior little by little and over time got used to it until it went too far. She got accustomed to the treatment and maybe her self-esteem degraded and she didn't have the courage to leave, but she adapted to the maltreatment that she didn't see how bad it was.
It is not easys to look at one's self and both these women were brave in finishing the lessons...

A lot of folks begin the lessons but drop out before the final lesson. It is very difficult to change our mind about abuse, but changing our mind is the first step in changing abuse.

If you know anyone that may benefit--remember it is free. It is an introduction to the work of Dr. Marshall and myslef.

Remember you do not have to be a target any longer.

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