Monday, March 30, 2015

Swift: Difficult to know how to respond in face of verbal abuse |

This is  a story about verbal abuse and a child--"Its hard to know what to do.." the Article says. When you see abouse, verbal abuse, in public--do you step in? Do you stay out? Will you make it worse if you point out they are being abusive?

When my husband dislocated my jaw, I decided to press charges. The Sheriff told me, "I will do this if you promise to leave. If I do this and you go back, the next time it will be wrose. I will not file a clim for you unless you can pormise you willnot go back..." best advice ever. I did not file charges and it woudl have been worse. Wehn I was ready to leave--a few months later, I left and never looked back. So interviening has to be well thought out--will you make it worse? Can you stay and help the person after you help the person? Think long and hard. The Sheriff knew he could help that day, but waht aoub the next week?

Swift: Difficult to know how to respond in face of verbal abuse | INFORUM: ""Standing next to me in an aisle," she wrote, "was a man yelling and cussing at his 2-year-old ... who was crying. Not tantrum crying ... but genuine sobbing. I clenched my teeth and tried to continue shopping. I shopped in silence, while I listened to this man scream at his child for about two minutes."

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