Friday, March 13, 2015

Gerard Piqué fined €10,500 for verbal abuse to police

Don't you just wish they would get fined for doing this to us--their spouses????  Just say'n

Gerard Piqué fined €10,500 for verbal abuse to police - Inside Spanish Football Inside Spanish Football: "Upon seeing the police write his brother a ticket for the traffic offense, Piqué reportedly berated the two officers stating, via the official police report, that “you’re jealous of me because I’m famous,” “You’re fining me because you want a commission, because you have no money and you have to get a commission,” “This fine is worthless because I’m going to call your boss and he’ll drop it,” “I’m going to speak with your bosses and it’ll make your hair fall out,” “You guys are douchbags and you think you rule the world because you wear that uniform and fine people,” “Your father will pay for this fine,” “You guys are an embarrassment, your job disgusts me and la Guardia Urbana is a fucking embarrassment.”"

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