Friday, February 13, 2015

New Graduates from the-Respect-Me R.U.L.E.S-Workshop

We have 5 new graduates who earned the Verbal Abuse Defense Certificate. Each of them  completed all 4 sessions and we've provided some insights they shared with us via the lessons.

First graduate:

Rachel B. who exaplined how we actaully hurt our partner by allowing them to abuse us, "Because we are reinforcing bad behavior. We are teaching them it is okay to be abusive. We are teaching them that bad behavior gets rewarded.

Maria V, the next grduate srote about the definition of detachment: "Detachment means that you don't let The power to your partner to hurt you any longer. Its neither kind or unkind, it means be yourself and not let anyone to take over you."

Annalissa R., described why "Kathy" in the story about the Kathy let the abuse go so far that it took her life, "At first, she believed it would change, then she was doing best to fix things, then she lost ability to make good decisions."

Kassi D, was able to summerize how closure might take place in their life, "I would be surrounded by people who see how intelligent I am, how determined I am to take personal responsibility and practice empathy and compassion, how hardworking I am, and see how I work to improve myself  and my life. All these people would tell her at length what an idiot she was for throwing away my love and treating me like shit. They would inform her that her terrible fear of dying alone and unloved, that inspired her to try to control and manipulate me, will come true precisely because of the abuse she chose to try to prevent it from happening."

 Our final graduate, Connie B., also ocmmented on Kathy's story and was quite organized in her thoughts, "I believe Kathy let it go this far, As stated in the article,

 A) she had a 'Pleaser Personality'

 B) She had allowed her support network to reduce in size and disappear.

 C) she allowed herself to lose control of her independence.

 D) she developed a 'Euphoric Recall' reality.

You all did such a great job! Congradulations!

You are a Target-Respect-Me R.U.L.E.S-Workshop:

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