Friday, October 25, 2013

The 'Benefits' of Verbal Abuse | Christi Paul

What a great article! Christi is actually honest and open about her abusive decisions and realizes how she contributed--well, allowed the abuse in her life. She explains exactly how her behavior benefited her. Let's face it, we don't continue to allow abuse unless we get "something" form it. My biggest benefit was that I felt spirituality better than my husband--he was the bad guy and I could prove it. He did this and this and this--and they were all abusive and everyone agreed. then I got to sit back and let everyone know how much better than him I was...yeah, it often works that way.

Well, Cristi like myself discovered some of the secrets of abuse and she spreads the message. read her great article here.

The 'Benefits' of Verbal Abuse | Christi Paul: "How did verbal abuse benefit me? It helped me realize the importance of words (and to choose mine carefully). It helped me become more independent and learn to take care of myself. It helped redefine what security means to me (that just because you're married that doesn't guarantee you'll be happy). And it helped me learn boundaries -- something I clearly hadn't set in my life. To recognize what I was and wasn't willing to allow into my life. It brought me closer to God and helped me recognize what I can and can't control. And it helped expand my capacity to forgive, not just other people, but myself.  "

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