Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mosaic Threat Assessment Systems

I learned something big today and wanted to share it with you. One of the participants to our free tutorial online talked of "symbolic" violence which really intrigued me. I asked her if i could use her definition of this (as I cna think of a lot!) and "A" sent me this answer:
Thanks for asking.  I probably learned the term 'symbolic violence' through Gavin deBecker's (free) violence threat assessment here:   A good definition appears here:   Gavin deBecker is the source who should be credited in your blog.
So I found this free assessment tool  to see a person's level of threat. I had to check it out--and I think this may be something we will have to incorporate into our tutorial but I wanted a bit of feedback first--Please check this out and send me an email (or answer here). do you think this is valuable for those being verbally and emotionally abused? (check out Opra's def too)

Mosaic Threat Assessment Systems: "What is MOSAIC?
MOSAIC is an error avoidance method,
a computer-assisted method for conducting comprehensive assessments - in the same way that diagnosis is a method used by a doctor. An effective medical diagnosis results when a doctor knows which questions to ask, knows which tests will produce the most accurate answers, and then knows how to draw relevant conclusions from all the answers combined together."

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