Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Congratulations to two new graduates in Verbal Abuse Defense Training

We have two new women who have completed the course,  Annette K and Monica L. we love it when participants actually finish the course. It is designed to help change our awareness of what verbal abuse really is. Have you looked it up online lately? Try it and see if you can pick out the sites that victimize people or the sites that will help targets learn not to allow abuse in their lives.

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  1. Having only recently found this site and completed the VAD training, I feel as though i have breathed a huge sigh of relief at finding out I am not alone in being targeted in this way, at realising I am not losing my marbles or becoming the sort of person who is currently targeting me.
    It takes a lot of corage to speak out against someone who is targeting you in this way and there is a constaqnt weighing of choices, often to the point where you feel you are unable to make a decision for your own welfare.
    I find the people who have shared this very personal part of their life online, so others can benefit and learn from it, extremely brave as I am currently going through the process of realising how wrong this is, the extent of the targeting I am experiencing and learning the best way to deal with it for me.
    Good luck to everyone in whatever they are doing to take their life back.

  2. Good luck to you too. You are as brave as any of us. At first it is not easy--but with practice, learning to respect yourself and protect yourself becomes second nature isn't so uncomfortable. In fact, the day comes when the abuse is so uncomfortable that you simply won't stand for it any longer.


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