Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Another Winner gets her Certificate

Congratulations to Lisa D--she just earned her certificate in Verbal Abuse Defense! There are 6 more people working their way through the course presently. Please send your friends if you think they need to familiarize themselves with what verbal abuse is.

Some of the answers we get for the course are so good that we are going to begin sharing the answers with you if the person gives us permission. Here is a recent one in answer to the question, "Why do you keep believing your partner will get better?"  This is well thought out:
I believed that my partner would change if only I would love,care and understand himbetter, because I thought that I was partially responsible for his behavior.Those believes were reinforced by people that are ignorant or unaware of dynamics and tactics of abuse. By learning and understanding the issue of abuse I no longer believe that my partner will get better if I excuse or rationalize his bad behavior towards me. ~Eliana
Thank you Eliana--and congrats to Lisa
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