Thursday, April 18, 2013

Respect Me Rules Workshop --Certificates
We have a lot of folks receiving their Certificates in Verbal Abuse Defense. Sometimes people rush through the lessons and they don't receive the benefits that they could. So when you go through the course, slow down and let the  courses soak in.

Congratulations to

for this weeks certificates. The new work book in verbal defense is published and with the vendors--we will keep you posted!
Respect Me Rules Workshop Introduction: "Our FREE Web-based Tutorial will help you understand abusive issues in depth. On this page we present a brief introduction to the tutorial and some guidelines. The tutorial is divided into four sections designed to help build your understanding of the skills used by those who go from victim to victor. The tutorial is free but you must complete all four forms at the end of each section in order to earn your Verbal Abuse Defense Certificate."

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