Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Abused animals can recover mentally and emotionally

I have a little rescue dog--5 lbs that I took in a few years ago. He was so wounded and so neglected that when you through a toy, he cringed. I thought Zipper would never be normal, but in a couple  of years, he was a normal dog--hey ladies--if Zipper can do it, so can we!
This is a good study--read it.

New study finds abused animals can recover mentally and emotionally - Birmingham science news | "The surprising results were that the majority of goats that had experienced neglect or abuse in the past displayed a higher level of goal seeking for food in a never before seen environment than the goats that had never been neglected or abused.
The researchers conclude that the removal of the stress of neglect and abuse produced a return to normal behavior and may have produced added resilience to the goat's behaviors."

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  1. That makes me happy. I have seen that with horses, but still... I just like knowing that all of us can heal.

  2. I think the signs of abuse or neglect are more visible in animals. People are really good at disquising and covering up their emotional pain. It is important for us to remember that we need to be in tune to our emotional wellness as well as our physical. No one is bullet proof so to speak, and I think we need to take more time to evaluate our emotional needs and set goals to reach them. I think Animals are a great example of how creating a safe inviting enviornment can help us not only heal emotionally but also strengthen us. I have recently discovered how using Essential oils during or after an emotional crisis can help not only us but also animals through the healing process. If you asked me over a year ago if I thought Emotional healing was possible using Aromatherapy I would have had no clue. I am so grateful I have learned how using Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential oils can help us through the recovery process. With almost 60 million American Adults facing depression and Anxiety disorders, essential oils can be a great natural solution without harmful side effects. In addition, with an increase in diagnosis of children with depression, essential oils can can be a safe alternative to harmful medication. I have found numerous studies that demonstrate the benefits of Aroma ( Our sense of smell, almost more than any other sense, has the ability to dredge up memories, change moods, or ease tension. I was told by a good friend of mine that the oil I disliked the most was probably the one I needed the most emotionaly. I was surprised to find out after researching that particular oil that it did address a deep feeling of anger and abandomnet in a relationship that I had and that I am still addressing. I was told the reason I might not like that oil is because of what it is trying to help me release emotionally. I thought this was impossible but have since found it very beneficial. I share this info with others in hopes that this might help someone else that is open to using natural alternatives to help address emotional wellness. If anyone would like to learn more about these benefits I would be happy to help you. Please feel free to send me an email- or visit my wellness store for an introduction to essential oils- I appreciate blogs like this where people can reach out to help lift each other up. I love the free workshop you offer and the many hours you put into this valuable information.


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