Friday, December 16, 2011

Yes women need to be better protected in domestic violence, Mr. Clegg, but so do men

Here's an interesting view on domestic abuse--saying allthe "right" things--trying to show how if we change "tem" our life will improve. it's really hard to get away from that in our society of blame blame blame. Read her article and see if you can identify what will really help a target of abuse and what is blaming. Remember from "Respect-Me Rules" that if you up and leave your abuser before changing YOUR behavior, you will simply attract or train a new partner as an abuser too.

The author, Sonya, does mention that we have to include men in our considerations too. Some women are terriby abusive--yet remmber, in order them to abuse, we have to let it happen--again and again and agian.

Here's an exceprt but I encourage you to read the whole article and pick out the recommendations that will help you stop abuse and what is likely to keep the pattern in place.

But, and it has to be said, why in our so-called enlightened times are we continuing to act as if men are not also on the receiving end of vitriol and attack? Why is Domestic Violence still portrayed as men as the abuser and women as the abused?
What is clear to me, juding by the abundance of help available to women from nationwide shelters and confidential hotlines and the lack of similar assistance for men, is that failing to recognise it as a real issue leaves us in a quagmire of inequality incapable

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