Friday, January 21, 2011

My Verbally Abusive Marriage

I love this women!!!! Go read her blog. She GETS it! Kelly understands that to be abused you have to allow it.

My Verbally Abusive Marriage:
"I’ve written before that abuse is a cycle. Abuse does not happen in a vacuum, meaning that an abuser cannot be an abuser if there is no one to abuse. A victim cannot be a victim if there is no one to transfer authority to.

I did just that. I transferred my authority over ME to him a very long time ago. I gave me away. I chose to be the harmony instead of the melody. I chose to give up parts of myself in order to … to what?"
Shel also has a free download of a worksheet regarding how you allow abuse and why that abuser does it--work checking out her site.


  1. That sounds sadly familiar. Less so lately.

    I'm really grateful to have found resources - both within me and outside of me that helped me to find ME.

    I always believed it was my responsibility to show him he was loved, but I don't think that anymore. Its my responsibility to show ME I am loved.

  2. Wow--love this. Yes, help me to find ME!!!!!


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