Sunday, September 9, 2007

Family conflict not necessarily domestic violence

It's true that not every time the police are called, is it a true on-going abuse case. we do need more education and yes, the legal system is not stopping domestic, verbal and emotional abuse--not battering! Read this article. Robert has some good points. YOUR VIEW: New thinking is needed in response to domestic violence: "The use of the criminal justice system as the primary role of preventing family violence has not worked. The threat of arrest, incarceration and fines has not been enough to dissuade possible perpetrators from carrying through on their aggressive behavior. The dynamics of family violence are more subtle than can be dealt with in the right/wrong, perpetrator/victim processes and procedures that are part of law enforcement and the judicial system. The latter are essential when there is evidence that a clear crime has been committed, but most incidents of family violence do not meet the level of battering behavior. There is a growing body of research that recognizes that most of the family disputes in which the police become involved are not battering relationships (in which one person, whether male or female, whether heterosexual or homosexual, is attempting to control the other person through intimidation, threats and violence). Instead, most situations are what can be termed 'family conflict,' in which there can be disagreements, arguments, even some pushing and shoving and that might be part of a long-standing relationship or might be a one-time incident."

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