Saturday, September 1, 2007

Debating Domestic Violence in Religion

sosad that we have to worry about our religious leaders! - Debating Domestic Violence in Religion: "The charges of domestic violence between the Bishop and his Evangelist wife have shaken the very bedrock of the nation's religious community, pulling back the veneer of faith in a very public way to reveal that even servants of God can be dealing with some very human emotions. “This shake-up of the church and our society in general is important because it shines light on a situation that needs to be addressed,' said Diamond Goodwin, another student at Spelman. School officials had young women like Goodwin and Perry in mind when they organized the forum. “Just trying to really make certain that their spirits are not wounded,” said Dr. Lisa Rhodes, the Dean of Spelman’s Sisters Chapel, where the event was held. “We can help them to understand that violence against women occurs inside the church and outside the church and violence against women is a global issue; and to see religious leaders involved in violence hopefully does not disillusion them.'"

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  1. There's a great blog about emotional abuse and religion:


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