Monday, August 6, 2007

Representative Mark Olson and 'Battered Husband Syndrome'

Boy, are their hot stories today--my blogging fingers are smok'in. Here is a story about the battered male! Well, it's true. Many men suffer at the verbal abuse of their wives and girlfriends (and battering). This is a story worth reading about Mark Olson...

MND: News and Commentary Since 2001 » Representative Mark Olson and 'Battered Husband Syndrome': "Representative Mark Olson (R-MN) was arrested in November of last year on domestic assault charges. According to the news reports, the charges stemmed from an argument with his wife of three or four years, Heidi. Heidi has five children from a previous marriage, and the argument was over one of her children, who is described as autistic.

What's most interesting about this case is that Mr. Olson's attorney decided (from what the newspapers report) to use a defense of 'battered husband's syndrome' at his trial. You rarely hear about this defense being used by a man, though often it is used as a defense for women who are charged with a felony or murder of their intimate partners.

Rep. Olson was charged with two misdemeanor domestic assault charges, one of intending to cause her to fear bodily harm and a more serious charge of harming or intending to harm her. He testified that Heidi was the one that instigated the abuse that led to his arrest. He also testified tearfully that she had been verbally threatening and at times physically abusive throughout their marriage.

Read more about the abuse he says he endured here.

The jury found Rep. Olson guilty of the lesser charge and acquitted him of the more serious charge. After the verdict, Rep."

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