Thursday, May 24, 2007

MyFox St. Louis | Text: FOX Files: Husband Abuse

It does work both ways--it is not always men abusing women--this is so sad.

MyFox St. Louis | Text: FOX Files: Husband Abuse:

A Fox files exclusive report sheds light on what really happened when a Belleville woman beat her live in ex-husband to death with a bat. This case of domestic violence sheds new light on women abusing men.

Joann Godt tortured Jay Godt. Police say she cut his genitals, pulled his teeth out and eventually beat him to death. Neighbors witnessed the verbal and physical attacks outside their mobile home in Belleville. If Jay didn't mow the lawn correctly, neighbors say she punched him in the head with her fist. Co-workers at the Belleville News Democrat noticed Jay looked bad. He was hospitalized about six weeks before he died. Police could tell he had been beaten then, but Jay blamed a neighbor."

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