Friday, December 15, 2006

Stick and Stones....

Bedford Times-Mail Online News - Marriage and Family Alliance: Words can hurt just as much as sticks and stones: "Occasionally, wounds spur us on to be stronger, bolder, more caring, more compassionate, more loving because of the way we were hurt. Most often, verbal abuse has the opposite effect, resulting in low self esteem, anger, bitterness and lack of motivation. This deteriorates into self-inflicted wounding evidenced by indulging in alcohol, sexual exploitation, teen pregnancies, drug use, gambling, dropping out of high school, working menial jobs, poverty, domestic violence and crime.

Think of your own words, the ones that have not been encouraging. Is it too late to repair the damage? No. You can start with a heartfelt apology, asking for forgiveness. By making an apology and seeking forgiveness, we allow God to do what seems to be impossible: healing those inner wounds of our hearts."

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