Thursday, March 17, 2005

When Silence is Not Golden

An abused woman and her six children suffered a living hell for 17 years at the hands of their husband/father. It wasn't until she decided to break away from his isolating tactics by venturing out of the home and speaking to church members that their nightmare finally ended.

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  1. Mike--I wanted to cry when I read that story. The ending was, she got out with the kids--but the sad thing is it took so long! It's a whole way of "broken" thinking that allows certain people to accept such horrendous conditions because they are trying to be a good wife, or they think they have no choices, or their self-worth is so low they think they deserve it.

    The woman was finally able to gain enough self-worth through her church support that she could break free. I hope our site helps women like her break free before it begins--through repsecting one's self so much you don't allow any abuse to begin with!


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