Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Detachment: Neither Kind nor Unkind

There are some important principles we can learn from members of Al-Anon, not the least of which is detachment. Al-Anon men and women have learned to live with nasty vile drunks, as self-ish and self-serving as any abuser. In fact, many abusers also suffer from related disorders such as alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling, and sex addiction. So it is no surprise to find that we can learn a lot about living with an abuser from these spouses. They are considered blackbelts at dealing with abuse in their relationships.

Detachment is one way we can learn to respect and focus on ourselves and not the one using us as a target of their selfserving and critical ways. As Al-Anon literature says, "Detachment is neither kind nor unkind. It does not imply judgement or condemnation of the person or situation from which we are detaching. It is simply a means that allows us to separate ourselves from the adverse effects that another person's alcoholism can have upon our lives."

You can read the article in Buddy Ts About.com site. And soon we will have a handout or article about it on theTarget site. Any contributions? Send a comment.

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