Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Keeping cool when verbally abused

 is a Voice Speaking Coach and has the right take on dealing with verbal abuse. She uses posture, attitude, and the miracle principle (taught in our work). I love it as more and more people see the wisdom in learning to stop abuse by not engaging. Read her article--very good.

Keeping cool when verbally abused - WeAreTheCity | Information, Networking, jobs & events for women: "So how do you deal with a screaming customer??? In my training courses I discuss different types of body language and how a neutral, none confrontational posture is more effective than a frightened or aggressive response. If you are able to maintain a neutral pose (and believe me it was difficult on Friday night), the abuser is going to grow tired of abusing since you aren’t reacting. Being aggressive back is like fire with fire. Although internally I was very stressed and shaken, I was able to maintain a calm exterior, avoiding escalating the problem. I hope you never have to deal with being verbally abused, but if you are, try to focus on maintaining an open, neutral posture and body language, to diffuse the situation. If you would like to discuss speaking and communication training, contact me. I would be delighted to discuss different options."

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  1. I was not very cool when being "attached"..in fact I was horrible back. But I don't recommend it.


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