Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Verbal abuse at the root of many of society's problems

This article talks about verbal abuse going way beyond just yelling obscenities. They certainly understand the Miracle Principle! This is my favorite sentence from this great article"
It’s knowing you have choices in life and when someone says something ugly or hurtful to you, you can choose to be offended or not offended.
See that? YOU can choose--never forget this one simple fact can save you so many years of pain. The article is well worth reading:
Verbal abuse at the root of many of society's problems: "Verbal abuse is not just someone yelling obscenities at you, it is the lack of communication skills. It’s a mother telling her son to wash her car and wondering why he expects to be paid. It’s being TOLD to do something.  It’s being BULLIED by your parents, an action that causes you to turn to food or your iPhone for comfort. It’s a marriage falling apart because the couple doesn't don’t know the key to living in harmony is saying, “Thank You,” “I appreciate your help.”"

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