Saturday, June 11, 2016

Amber Heard Just Accused Johnny Depp Of More Abuse In A New Lawsuit

I don't don't don't want to believe this about Johnnie Depp!!!! Yet if he truly is an alcoholic/addict who can't stay clean and sober, then well, it's probably true. I don't know, of course--I can only speculate--heck I don't know if he abuses drugs at all. but if he does, then I would believe his wife--and I totally understand going back to an abuser! You keep thinking if they stop drinking, if you could be loving enough, if they picked you over the drug--then the abuse would stop.

Understand this Amber, you can never be good enough or loving enough to make him change, if indeed this is what is going on. Learn to respect yourself enough that you won't stand for this kind of treatment from anyone.

Amber Heard Just Accused Johnny Depp Of More Abuse In A New Lawsuit: "Heard repeatedly returned to Depp, despite his verbal and physical mistreatment of her, hoping optimistically that the man she married would change his behavior… Each time Heard returned, however, within months, the cycle of substance abuse and violence repeated…"

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