Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Announcement: YouAreATarget.com has been merged with RespectMeRules.com

Announcement: YouAreATarget.com has been merged with RespectMeRules.com for a more powerful workshop experience.

The FREE online Verbal Abuse Defense Workshop has been relocated, revamped, and is now very user-friendly. We fixed the broken links and updated the info. Please take a look at the new site and updated workshop here: www.RespectMeRules.com

You'll find all the great stories and sharing from past participants and we think you will find everything easier to use.

NOTE or new email is  info@respectmerules.com

Let us know what you think. And Hang in there. Reclaiming your self-respect is not easy but you are not alone.

Dr. Mike Marshall and Shelly Marshall, BS CSAC


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  1. Thanks for this very timely workshop. I've started using the resource and it's exactly what I was hoping to find to help me leave my emotionally abusive spouse. I've read other sites that tell me I must immediately (or at least plan to) flee and begin "no contact". I think I want to stay in touch with my husband, even after I leave. I don't want to flee. I'm pretty sure that, as long as I have support, "no contact" isn't required, in my situation.

    I understand that's what is required if there's violence in the relationship. My situation is different, though. My spouse's bullying and control issues have worsened but he's not crossed the line into violence. I doubt he'd ever assault me. I still have options and it's not quite the right time, yet. I'd like to leave the abuse, when I'm ready, on my own terms, instead. I appreciate the assistance you've provided.


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