Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Humour and Laughter… « buckwheatsrisk-surviving abuse

I think it is so important to keep seeing the lighter side of life. OK, we have been verbally abused, but even in that, we can see the humor at time. Or at least the humor in other things and not focus on everything abusive--after all, once we learn how to enforce the respect me rules, there is a lot less self-pity--that's because we are back in charge of our selves and our space.

Here's a blog you might be interested in--it is a blog on verbal abuse, yet she stops to laugh at her dog int he mirror--worth reading.

Humour and Laughter… « buckwheatsrisk-surviving abuse: "There’s just something about laughing that changes everything, if only for a moment…

Do you ever notice if you watch someone else laugh long enough, you will start to laugh too?  It’s so funny to watch, because then you have a bunch of people with tears streaming down their faces as they laugh at nothing…or maybe they’re laughing at how funny they look to each other.  You know it really doesn’t matter what’s funny, it matters that there’s laughter!"

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