Sunday, February 12, 2012

Verbal abuse on tape

You have GOT to hear this woman's abuse tape!

Verbal abuse on tape: "I put together this video to document what verbal abuse sounds like and what it feels like to me:

Domestic abuse caught on tape - YouTube

Despite what you hear, he is actually very involved as a father, but he's also very controlling of our kids' opinion about me. I'm afraid of what might happen if there is a custody battle.

Everyone else thinks he is the most wonderful guy in the world--he never acts like this outside our home. Because of this, for many years I thought I must be to blame, but I've finally decided there is no excuse for treating someone like this. The only problem is I have no good options at this point."

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  1. i cannot believe how abusive this guy is--how can you stay married to a guy like this? But I should talk. Mine was as bad--I guess we just get used to it.


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