Monday, September 12, 2011

Respect-Me R.U.L.E.S-Workshop

Quite a few people are signing up now. Please be sure to let us know when you finish so we can send you a certificate. If you make it through this course, you deserve the certificate!

Respect-Me R.U.L.E.S-Workshop: "This training course is FREE for anyone who wants to stop being the target of abuse and get the respect they deserve. You can do it and we show you how. Section 1 of the course can be started immediately after you read the Introduction, guidelines and disclaimer. If you find Section 1 helpful, then we invite you to continue with the second, more advanced half of the workshop. Section 2 is also free but requires the use of our Respect-Me Rules book because the lessons are based on the 12 Respect-me Rules and how to implement them. This educational tool is designed to give you clear and practical information on this issues. The tutorial is moderated by Dr. Marshall and Shelly Marshall.

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