Friday, July 13, 2007

Psychological Distress Are Recipe for Higher Unemployment

This is something we don't think about often--how verbal and domestic abuse affect the employability of the target of the abuse!

Newswise Social and Behavioral Sciences News | Domestic Violence, Psychological Distress Are Recipe for Higher Unemployment: "The study found that domestic violence had no effect on welfare use before or after the legislation was enacted. It also did not have an effect on employment before the new law was passed, but afterward the likelihood of being unemployed increased if there was a history of domestic violence during the transition to adulthood.

“When you are an adolescent mother and have violence in your relationship it sets you up for problems down the road,” said Taryn Lindhorst, lead author of the study and a UW assistant professor of social work. “Domestic violence has an accumulative effect over time so that abused women were less likely to work. After the change in welfare policy, women who were abused were less likely to be employed compared to teenage mothers who were not abused.”"

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