Friday, September 15, 2006

Trash Talking and Verbal Smacks

I ran across this today—something that guys learn from watching NFL—and we wonder why our men think that it is ok to abuse us verbally. What is trash talk?

When it comes to trash-talking, the key is to put your mind, mouth in the gutter: "Trash talking, a part of foo
tball long before helmets had facemasks, is a form of psychological gamesmanship intended to disrupt an opponent's concentration — and it's a game played on high school football fields every weekend."

Where is trash talk learned?
Travis head coach Jerry Sanders said trash talking is "human nature." Kids are exposed to it by watching SportsCenter or NFL highlights.

Is trash talk or verbal smacking allowed infootball?

According to the NCAA football rulebook, trash talking falls under the category of unsportsmanlike conduct. Texas high school referees, who use the NCAA manual, look for "any act that interferes with orderly administration on the part of players, coaches and persons subject to the rules."

So, unsportsmanlike conduct is called against players or coaches who point fingers at opponents, taunt or ridicule an opponent.

Does trash talking work?

"The worse a team is, the more they talk," Dunn said. "I remember when we beat Reagan 78-18 a few years ago, they were talking trash the whole game."

Read the article. It's illuminating. Verbal abuse is trash talking and verbal smacks--high scholl boys learn it is the thing to do to win, EVEN THOUGH IT IS FROWNED ON!

What happens in the homes they thenlive in--they begin trash talking their wives and girlfrinds--does it work? As long as we let them do it, it does.

RESPECT Yourselves--don't let ay one trash talk you--they will do it if you let them.

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