Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Alcohol and Abuse

We sometimes forget how very prevelant alcohol and drugs are in domestic and partner abuse. It might be responsible for more than 75% of men and women doing the "power-over" thing on each other.

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  1. Hi Shelly,
    Calgary, Alberta has another murder related to domestic violence!
    The common-in-law husband has been charged. What also is so interesting, is that Alberta leads in murders related to domestic violence!! We have court, prevention programs, but nothing can be working if we lead Canada in the number of murders. HOW many women will die at the heads of a killer? We need to have legislation that will work to keep women and children safe! take care Holly Desimone

  2. Hi Holly--We have tons of laws onthe books here in the US--but many police officers don't really understand them. When an officer will ignore the fact that my husband handed me a gun and tells me to "hide it" and they say I have no right to protection because he didn't "do" anything, something is wrong. --then that same department threatened to investigate me because my husband made a bogus claim that I stole his car keys--what is going on? On this page:
    you can read about it under: Comments regarding "telling". thanks Holly for your continued diligence in bringing things to our attention!

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